Dr. med Samuel Pfeifer describes Weleda remedies as herbs with cosmic power. In his book “Gesundheit um jeden Preis?“ (Health at Any Price?), he describes the remedies as being „consciously based on a magical foundation“. In his opinion, this includes the Weleda products, which are manufactured according to the principles of anthroposophy. The preparation of the remedies is significantly influenced by occult philosophy. Rudolf Steiner, founder of the Anthroposophical Society, attempted to unite many currents such as Buddhism, theosophy, gnosticism, mysticism, idealism, but also Christianity, spiritism and magic.

Kurt Koch believes that Weleda remedies are not magically charmed, but are biorhythmically pre-treated. The process is explained by Dr. med Pfeifer: „The medicinal plants for anthroposophic medicines are planted, harvested and processed at times when the stars are in an „effective“ constellation. Movements and rhythmic heating and cooling are used to capture cosmic image forces in the medicine. Very often the plant juices are also processed according to homeopathic principles. Anthroposophists, like Hahnemann, believe that cosmic forces are absorbed into the remedy through the process of shaking. Anthroposophy is imbued with occult ideas and Eastern philosophy, and its remedies are consciously compiled and prepared on this basis“. (Source: „Gesundheit um jeden Preis?“ („Health at any price?“), Dr Samuel Pfeifer, M.D.)

*See chapter Magic Charming