The chapter on “Magic” deals with the genuine form of magic, i.e. sorcery and the art of conjuring, and not with magic tricks or fraudulent attempts at manipulation or quackery. Genuine magical healing methods and diagnoses make use of psychic powers. These magical processes are not just harmless superstition. Magical powers can be developed through occult experimentation, blood pacts with the devil, or through occult transmission, such as the laying on of hands by black magicians. In addition, magical abilities are often inherited; mediumship can often be traced back four generations in a family.

Counsellors are aware of the demonic nature of magic. Many people are emotionally destroyed by magic.

The main forms of magic are:

* Black and White Magic

* Magic to heal and magic to make sick

* Casting and breaking of spells

* Magic curses and magic persecution

* Protective magic and death magic

* Love and hate magic

Black and white magic

It is often said that black magic is done with the help of the devil and white magic with the help of God. This definition is wrong. White magic works with the powers of the underworld in exactly the same way as black magic. The proof is very easy to show. The effects of White Magic are exactly the same as those of Black Magic. In White Magic the three highest names are misused. Usually a spell is added to the three highest names, which is taken from the 6th and 7th books of Moses or another book of spells.

Dr Kurt E. Koch: „Magic, whether white or black, is sorcery.“

In the book „Occult ABC“ Dr. Kurt E. Koch gives many examples from the different countries:

Persecution magic

I visited Mexico three times and gave several lectures to the German community in Mexico City. During these visits, I heard of a strange form of persecution magic. If a black magician wants to harm someone or make them sick, he or she will place a figure or doll covered in blood outside the victim’s door. The doll is pricked with thorns or a needle. Magic formulas are then used for this symbolic or analogue spell. The strange thing is that the victim falls ill where the doll was pierced. Such practices are used in Voodoo in Haiti and in Macumbakult in Brazil.

During my lecture tours in India, I heard about the practices of the Hindu magicians. If they want to persecute someone, they take some of the enemy’s hair and use magic spells to nail it to a tree. The persecuted person will then either fall ill or suffer some kind of misfortune.

It was a strange experience for me to hear something similar in Switzerland in the area of Gstaad and Saanen. While evangelising in the area, one preacher told me about a strange custom practised by local farmers. If they want to hurt a man, they try to get some hair from his head. They would go to a hairdresser, for instance, give him a tip and tell him to be quiet. Then they take the enemy’s hair, drill a hole in a beam of their house, stick the hair in it, hammer in a stake, say a spell from the 6th/7th Books of Moses and curse their enemy. Surprisingly, these curses come true. So it is not only in India and Mexico that magical curses are known, but also in Switzerland.

Magic bans

Ex 127 The wife of a teacher in Holstein told me the following incident. The men of this clan had been religious teachers for seven generations. They had the superstitious custom of fetching Easter water every year on Easter night and sprinkling it on their children. Once, when a horse was stolen from the parents, they put a spell on it. They took a leather tail from its harness and nailed it to a post, using a magical formula. This was supposed to make the horse stand still under a ban. They were able to find the horse in this way. The whole family, down to the grandchildren and great-grandchildren, are godless and unbelieving, even though the ancestors had all taught religious studies. In the family there is constant strife, discord, and suffering of all kinds.

An Englishwoman traveled to South Africa and worked there for a year. While there, she fell in love with an African man. They got engaged. After a year, the Englishwoman returned to her homeland. They planned to get married. The Englishwoman herself was not a Christian. But she had a believing mother. Now spiritual forces clashed in the family home. The mother prayed for her daughter’s salvation. But the daughter had fallen under the African’s spell. The African was a sorcerer. There was a rumbling in the house. Poltergeists appeared. The rooms, especially the girl’s room, reeked of rotting corpses. They smelled of sulphur. The daughter couldn’t explain it and went to see an Anglican priest. After telling her full story, the Anglican priest advised her to destroy all the items she had received from her fiancé in South Africa, so that this magical African would no longer have any means of contact or influence over her. The victim followed this advice. The key was that the mother prayed faithfully and asked other Christians to intercede. The house was freed from these hauntings.

This magical black art might frighten you. And yet there is no reason to be if we have become the property of Jesus and are following Him faithfully. Here are two examples of how believing Christians are protected by their Lord.

Ex 130 One of my friends is Werner Ambühl in St. Gallen. He was the head of the telephone helpline there. One day he received a call from a dentist who said to him: „You are stronger than me. I have to take the consequences. Ambühl asked him, „What are you talking about?“ The dentist replied, „I got annoyed with you and your Christian stuff, so I tried to magically attack you and magically kill you. I did not succeed. You are stronger than I am. And that’s why I have to suffer the consequences now.“ Ambühl tried to point him to Christ. But it was in vain. A few days later, he read in the newspaper that the dentist had taken his own life.

Ex 132 Years ago I gave some lectures at the Chungchow Bible School on the Chinese border. There I met a missionary called Griebenow. As a young man he had been a missionary in Tibet. He had learned the Tibetan language from a Tibetan lama. One day the Tibetan said: „Mr Griebenow, now I know what the Christian faith means. Your God is mightier than my God.“ Griebenow replied, „Your god is the devil. Do you know that?“- „Yes, I know,“ replied the Lama. The missionary continued, „Then how do you know that my God is more powerful?“ – „When I found out that you were a missionary,“ the man replied, „I tried to make you sick with magic. I could not. Then I tried to send you a fire devil to burn your house. He did not obey. Then I used the most powerful death magic we have in Tibet to kill you. Again, no success. You have a wall around you that I cannot penetrate. Griebenow replied: „If you have already discovered that my God is more powerful than your demons, why do you not accept my God?” The Lama said, „The demons would kill me the same day. Anyone who has signed himself over to the devil and then tries to shake him off will be killed by him.“ The missionary was unable to win the lama to Christ. Later he heard that this Lama had died in despair.

It is a wonderful message that we have as Christians. The Old Testament tells us in Zechariah 2:5: „And I myself will be a wall of fire around it, declares the LORD, and I will be its glory within.“ And in the New Testament, Jesus says (John 10:28), „No one will snatch them out of my hand.“ But what matters is whether we have entrusted our lives completely to Jesus and are not among the Laodicean Christians who are neither cold nor hot.

Magic healing and making sick

Two examples from the book „Between Christ and Satan“, Dr Kurt E. Koch:

A Swiss factory worker was fed up with his job. When he repeatedly heard that occult healers and magnetopaths were making a lot of money, he bought magic literature from an occult publisher. He learnt the spells, underwent the devil’s ceremonies and began to experiment with healing. His ability to heal with magic grew rapidly and eventually his income increased many times over his previous salary.

The following example combines all three elements: heredity, selling your soul to the devil and occult experimentation.

A young woman told me the story of her ancestors. Her great-grandmother had made a blood pact with the devil. She practised black magic and cured sick people and animals. On her deathbed, she suffered terrible tortures, as is the custom with sorcerers. The daughter, my reporter’s grandmother, took over the dying woman’s magical powers. She also took over the magic literature. After the great-grandmother’s painful death, she appeared to her relatives as a revenant. The grandmother then continued to practise magic. On full moon nights, she cast spells to cure diseases and practised rediasthesia with a key and the Bible. She could also make people stop bleeding. When the grandmother began to read the Bible, she had serious difficulties. As she got older she began to see black figures in her apartment. She also had a very difficult death. After her death, she also appeared as a revenant in the house. The reporter’s mother then took over the magical literature and practice. She also became a well-known healer. She met the same fate as her predecessors.

The fourth member of this terrible family tree was this young woman. When she was a small child, her own mother had cast spells on her. Shortly afterwards she became clairvoyant and saw black figures in the house. Her brother and sister suffered from depression. She herself had serious mental and nervous disorders which led her to seek Christian counselling.

Defence magic

In farming villages there is an old superstitious custom of placing a fire blessing in the top beam of the roof. It is said to protect against lightning, fire and storms. Dr. Kurt E. Koch once came across the text of such a fire blessing. It read: „Anno 1645, 24 August. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I, Satan, protect this house from lightning and fire. The reddish signature was illegible.

Such fire blessings bring the inhabitants of the house under a spell. It is insanity to ask for God’s protection in the name of Satan. This so-called Würzburg fire blessing combines white and black magic. This diabolical mixture can also be found in almost all magic sayings in the so-called 6th/7th Book of Moses, which has nothing to do with Moses. (Source: „Occult ABC“, Dr. Kurt E. Koch)

Spiritistic Aggressive Magic

An owner of the which is taken from the 6th and 7th books of Moses 7th Book of Moses learnt the practice of black magic from this book. He memorised the spells for attacking enemies, tried them out and was amazed that they worked. He focused on one opponent at midnight. To do this, he took a rag doll, stuck some needles in it, said the name of his enemy and added the spell from the 6th and 7th Book of Moses. He was surprised when his opponent actually fell seriously ill. Over the years, he developed strong magical powers. His peers feared him.