Do herbs heal?

There is no doubt that herbs, as natural products of our earth, are healing in the right dosage. The problem is that people like Pastor Künzli and Pastor Emmenegger analysed the healing properties of herbs with the help of the pendulum. Pastor Künzli listed all these herbs and their healing properties in a book. Divination with the pendulum is neither a gift from God nor a natural power. It is occult. The results and products of occult activity should not be accepted by believers.

But we must also warn of the downside. One must not fall into an exaggerated fear of the occult. Those who use herbs for ailments that happen to be mentioned in Pastor Künzli’s herbal book need not worry. There is not only the misuse of herbs, but also their proper use. Our ancestors did not know about Pastor Künzli and his book, but they did know about the healing powers of many herbs: St. John’s wort for the kidneys, coltsfoot for the bronchial tubes, bedstraw for diabetes, centaury for stomach problems, etc. The Creator has made nature to help us. The Creator has placed many powers in nature that we can gratefully use. The prophet Isaiah advised King Hezekiah to put a fig plaster on his ulcers. And it helped (Isaiah 38:21).

Let us beware of sorcery and idolatry. But let us not call everything occult which we do not understand.

See also: phytology, homeopathy.