In general, death magic is not common in the so-called Western countries, although it is practised there as well. In pagan areas, however, it wreaks its dark, diabolical havoc.

Kurt Koch: „I became aware of death magic through pastoral work on the mission fields. Former sorcerers sometimes come for counselling and give their lives to Jesus. On this occasion they confess their terrible sins. This most diabolical of all forms of magic is practised on animals and humans. Even more devastating, of course, is the death magic that is practised on fellow human beings. I have examples of this in great numbers. I have found such practices among the shamans of Alaska and St Lawrence Island, among the Wuduists of Haiti, among the Macumba spiritists of Brazil. Death magic is found in connection with zombism in Africa, in connection with black Muslim magic everywhere in East Asia, in the Saugumma cult in New Guinea, among the Hilots in the Philippines, among the Kahunas in Hawaii. There is no pagan land without these devilish practices.

Example from „Occult ABC“:

Ex 125 Dr. Winther gave me an example from his own circle of friends.. A young man wanted to marry a girl. They were already engaged. His sister did not like the bride and managed to break up the young people. But the young man had given his fiancée a curl from his youth. After the separation, he later married another girl. A year after their wedding, he died. His former fiancée had contacted a powerful sorcerer and hired him to perform a death spell. Then, after the victim’s funeral, the disappointed fiancée came and brought the curl to the spiteful sister, saying, „Do you want it, it’s your late brother’s“. The grieving sister took her brother’s lock. After that she became very ill. She went to many doctors who could not help her. A gypsy warned her that she was under the spell of death magic. At the same time, the gypsy offered to help the patient. A defensive spell was cast. As a result, the patient recovered. Since then, however, a severe neurosis has developed. She got one illness after another. When she married and had children, her children were also emotionally and nervously burdened. (Source: „Occult ABC“, Dr. Kurt Koch)