In farming villages there is an old superstitious custom of placing a fire blessing in the top beam of the roof. It is said to protect against lightning, fire and storms. Kurt E. Koch once came across the text of such a fire blessing. It read: „Anno 1645, 24 August. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I, Satan, protect this house from lightning and fire.

The reddish signature was illegible. Such blessings of fire put the inhabitants of the house under a spell. It is madness to ask for God’s protection in the name of Satan. This so-called Würzburg fire blessing combines white and black magic. This diabolical mixture can also be found in almost all magic sayings in the so-called 6th/7th Book of Moses, which has nothing to do with Moses. (Source: „Occult ABC“, Dr. Kurt E. Koch)