Glass-moving is used as a form of divination or to contact the deceased or spirits.

What happens during the process of glass-moving?

The alphabet is arranged in a circle on the table, with a glass plate and a liqueur glass above it. After the medium has invoked the „spirit of a dead person“, questions are asked by those present. The glass glides automatically – without a source of energy – over individual letters, which then produce the answers. Parapsychologists and psychologists try to explain this phenomenon by saying that the subconscious of the person asking the questions has been tapped. The question of how to explain the movement of the glass remains open.

Glass-moving is a form of Spiritism is a form of spiritism (=spirit cult).

The German ophthalmologist, occultist and writer Rudolf Tischner confirmed: „Spiritism is a spiritual movement based on the conviction that people can contact the deceased through certain persons, the „mediums“, and thus receive revelations from the beyond“.

This also indicates an important motive for the spread of Spiritism: People want to get in touch with deceased friends or relatives, or simply, perhaps out of curiosity, to learn something about the afterlife. There are different types of spiritualism, such as apparitions, moving glass, table lifting, speaking in trance and automatic writing.

What forces are at work in Spiritism?

They are the demonic powers and forces that once fell away from God with Satan, i.e. the fallen angels who appear as spirits and ghosts, who cause knocking noises, make instruments play by themselves, write messages without hands or mysteriously move people from one place to another in the shortest of times, even make things float without human help (telekinesis).   (Source: „Health at any price“, Samuel Pfeifer)

Example from  “Occult ABC”, Dr. Kurt E. Koch

Ex 216 A Lutheran minister was invited to dinner by a doctor friend. After the meal, the doctor invited his guest to join him in a party game. They sat down at a table. On the table was an alphabet arranged in a circle, with a glass plate on top of it, and a liquor glass on the glass plate. The doctor said, „I will now call up the spirit of someone who is dead, who will answer our questions.“ The questions were answered by means of the glass, which moved round the alphabet. The minister regarded this as a clever trick and tried every possible means of discovering the source of the energy. He could not. He was invited several times more by the doctor. After this, the minister’s spiritual attitude began to change. He was no longer able to pray or to read the Bible. When he stood in the pulpit, he had unbearable pains. These attacks of pain came only in connection with the exercise of his office or with private Bible reading. lt came to the point where he had to hand in his resignation to the church authorities. I counseled both the minister and the doctor. The doctor made a general confession and renounced spiritism. He became a believer. The minister, however, was completely ruined by spiritism.

Example from „Christian Counselling and occultism“, Dr. Kurt E. Koch:

During a Bible Week, a man of God, an academic, reported the following experience: A desire to investigate spiritualistic phenomena led him to attend séances. The members of the circle sat around a table on which a large alphabet was displayed. The letters were covered by a glass plate on which was placed a brandy glass. After opening the meeting with a philosophical-religious prayer, a spirit was invoked. Those present then addressed questions to the invisible spirit, which were answered by the liqueur glass dancing on the alphabet, stopping on individual letters. The letters written together gave the answer to the questions asked.

At first, the reporter struggled to identify the source of energy behind each movement of the glass. His investigations over many sessions were unsuccessful. Finally, he was faced with the alternative of either the ghost hypothesis or the much more understandable phenomenon of telekinesis.

Attending these spiritistic séances, intended solely for studying occult phenomena, had serious consequences for the subject. His interest in the Word of God diminished. When he had to conduct the Sunday service, strange mental attacks would occur. He always had to overcome a terrible inner resistance when he wanted to go to the altar or the pulpit. These attacks increased to such an extent that in the end this man had no choice but to ask the church authorities for his dismissal, which was reluctantly granted.

From a medical point of view, there was no evidence of mental disorders in this academic. He had rarely been ill in his life. There were no nervous or emotional disorders. After his dismissal from the Church, he took up another profession, which he is still able to practise without inhibition.