Automatic writing is a spiritistic process in which a sudden compulsion to write comes over the medium*. The medium must relax completely and concentrate on nothing.

*A spiritistic medium is a person who has contact with the supernatural or spirit world. A medium uses magical powers and sees himself as an intermediary to the deceased, who are actually demons.

One of the most versatile and skilled mediums is Matthew Manning. A number of parapsychologists have worked with Manning. Here is an example of automatic writing.

The writing medium Manning

A parapsychologist visited Manning to examine some of his experiments. Manning offered to make a diagnosis of his health. He took a sheet of paper and wrote the parapsychologist’s date of birth at the top. Then he waited. After about a minute, his hand began to write in a completely different hand. It was signed Thomas Pann. More interesting was the diagnosis that this Thomas Pann made from beyond the grave. It read: „A functional disorder in the epigastric region“.

The parapsychologist asked Manning, „Do you know what that means, ‚in the epigastric region‘?“ Manning replied, „No, I don’t.“ The parapsychologist said, „I don’t know either“. A subsequent medical examination confirmed the diagnosis. So these findings could not have come from Manning’s subconscious. There are supernatural influences. Automatic drawing is at the same level. Manning picks up a pencil, waits and suddenly begins to draw rapidly.

After a few minutes his style changes. He draws in the style of famous artists. For example, he draws „The Rhinoceros“ that Albrecht Dürer drew in 1515 and that hangs in the British Museum in London. A few minutes later, in the presence of the parapsychologist, Manning drew a picture of Salome with the head of John the Baptist on a table in front of her. This picture is by Aubrey Beardsley. I have seen both drawings myself and I also know that Manning never had the drawing talent to copy Dürer’s drawing or Beardsley’s painting from memory.

Manning originally believed that the subconscious was responsible for all these abilities. He has long since abandoned this view. He now believes that he receives his impulses and abilities from the unseen world. (Source: „Occult ABC“, Dr. Kurt E. Koch)