The so-called table lifting is considered by many people to be a social game. However, it is a spiritistic session. It is practised to get in touch with the „deceased“ (in reality they are demons) and to find out hidden information.

The participants sit around a round table and form a chain with their hands. The medium tries to contact the realm of the dead. The participants ask questions, which are answered by tapping of the table. It is not psychic powers that are at work, nor is the subconscious of the participants being tapped, but demonic powers. Proof of this is the fact that praying, believing Christians immediately override the action of moving the table or glass when they fall into such a circle out of ignorance.

Dr Kurt E. Koch warns against the practice of table lifting or glass moving, as well as all forms of spiritism. Through his many years of work as an evangelist and pastor, he has come into contact with countless people who have suffered disturbances in their spiritual sensitivities after attending spiritist séances etc.