There are different forms of firewalking: trickery – autosuggestion – satanism.

Firewalking as deception and trickery

A former Shinto priest named Kazama, who later found Christ, told Dr. Kurt Koch the following about firewalking: „I was a priest in a Shinto temple for 15 years and learnt everything there that belongs to the priestly service: divination, spiritism, magic, suggestions and tricks. During the fire, the pit filled with charcoal was placed so high that the spectators could not see into it. The fire was prepared in such a way that a strip of 30 to 40 cm remained free in the middle. The priests then rubbed the soles of their feet with salt and marched along the narrow strip. The spectators did not notice that these firewalkers did not even touch the fire. Of course, I know that there are real firewalkers who prepare themselves by meditating for several months.“ (Source: Jesus auf allen Kontinenten, Dr Kurt E. Koch)

Firewalking in India among yogis

Firewalking in India among yogis and their followers has a different character. The firewalkers try to make themselves immune to the fire through yoga exercises. The feet touch the embers of the pit for only one to one and a half seconds. Normally this would be enough to burn the skin. But the firewalkers come out on the other side of the pit unharmed. I was once told of an accident. A young mother took her baby into the pit. When she stepped into the fire, she screamed and dropped the child, who died instantly. It could not be saved. So the young woman had not achieved the goal of the yoga meditations. Two former firewalkers told me that they lost their ability when they converted to Christ. Both explained that it was a demonic ability. No normal person could walk through the fire without burning their feet.

Firewalking in Fiji

The Fiji firewalkers are different from all the others. While the Indian firewalkers walk through the embers with a deadpan expression, and the Balinese fire dancers show signs of fear and exhaustion, the Fiji firewalkers walk over the glowing hot stones in an exuberant, cheerful and joking manner. This is a major attraction for anyone visiting Fiji. Two professors tested the conditions. They measured the temperature. It was 282 degrees Celsius before the thermometer melted. The firewalkers were exposed to this heat for 28 seconds. Firewalking is only practised by the Bega tribe, which has a demonic tradition. Christians on the island confirmed to me that this firewalking is pure Satanism. (Source: „Jesus auf allen Kontinenten“, Dr Kurt E. Koch)