Strong mediums with well-developed abilities do not need a means of contact to communicate with spirits. They can see the spirits directly and talk to them and get answers.

A young spiritist confirmed this fact to Kurt E. Koch after a lecture in Frankfurt. The young woman admitted that she had been conversing with spirits for years. She had started with table-tapping and glass-moving. Later she no longer needed these aids, but was able to put questions to the spirits directly. They answered her. When Kurt E Koch pointed out to her that these spirits would destroy her life, she openly admitted it.

The cult of spirits and demons belongs to the realm of spiritism. All those who participate fall under a terrible spell.

Another example from Lismore in Australia: A woman told Kurt E. Koch in the counselling session about her severe fears. Her uncle was a spiritist. Before he died, he gave his niece his mediumistic powers. It often happens with mediums that they cannot die until they have transferred their magical powers to someone else. Since this young woman had taken over the mediumistic powers from her dying uncle, she had experienced terrible anxiety. She saw demons, heard knocking signs, rumbling noises and other disturbances. In her distress, she went to a doctor instead of an experienced counsellor. The doctor naturally thought she was suffering from a form of schizophrenia and admitted her to a clinic. There, too, she received psychiatric treatment, that was unsuccessful. She was discharged again and continued to have the apparitions. Not only could she see the spirits, she could also talk to them, ask them questions and receive answers. Her nervous system became more and more disturbed.