There are many forms of such letters, all of which belong to the realm of superstition or magical protection spells. There are chain letters, lucky letters, fire letters, fire blessings, bullet blessings and heavenly letters. They are said to bring good luck and protect the bearer from harm.

One such chain letter reads:

„This letter is meant to bring you good luck and happiness. The original is in the Netherlands. It has travelled around the world nine times. Now luck has come to you. Nine days after you receive this letter, you will be lucky if you forward it. This is no joke. Luck has come to you by post. Send copies of this letter to people you think need luck. Do not send money, because luck cannot be bought. Do not keep this letter. You must pass it on within 96 hours of receiving it. 

What happened: An RAF officer received $20,000, Joe Elliot received $450,000 and lost it all by breaking the chain. In the Philippines, General Welch died six days after receiving such a letter. He did not pass on the prayer. But before he died he received $775,000. Please make 20 copies and see what happens on the 4th day. Saul Anthoni de Capif, a missionary from Venezuela, wrote this chain. 

I’m sending it to you. And because the chain has to go around the world, you have to make 20 copies that look like this letter. Send them to your friends, parents and relatives. After a few days, you will be surprised. Even if you are not superstitious.

For example: Constantine Dias received this letter in 1953 and asked his secretary to make 20 copies and send them out. A few days later he won two million dollars in his country’s lottery. Carlo Dogitt, an office worker, received the chain letter, forgot about it and lost his job a few days later. He sent the letter to 20 people, closed the chain and got a much better job five days later. Salon Faichild received the chain letter and threw it away because he didn’t believe in it. He died nine days later. The chain should not be broken for any reason. Don’t ignore it. It works.“

Anyone who receives such a letter should destroy it immediately. Anyone who copies the letter out of fear and passes it on to acquaintances falls under the spell of superstition and becomes complicit in the superstitious tendencies of others. Such letters are often interspersed with Bible verses, so that naive believers are deceived into thinking that the letter is something good.

Heavenly letters are in the same line. While visiting an old farmer’s wife, Kurt E. Koch saw one of these heavenly letters in the Bible. He told the woman about it. She was convinced that God had brought this letter to earth through the angel Gabriel. And it was a work that pleased God to copy this letter so that others could share in His blessing.

During the war, some soldiers carried a bullet blessing, a letter of protection from their wife or fiancée. This was to protect them from being killed by enemy bullets.

Anyone who still has such protective prescriptions at home should burn them immediately.

The admonishing words also apply here: „What good would it do a man if he gained the whole world and harmed his soul“ (Mt. 16:26).

Relying on Heavenly Letters

Here is an example of a heavenly letter from the Second World War: „Mary stretches out her hands so that nothing will happen to you, and Jesus sends you a guardian angel so that nothing will happen to you. If you believe in this letter, no bullet will kill you. Anyone who doubts this should put a dog in front of him and shoot it“.

Shouldn’t we trust God more than a white-magic letter?