There are occult textbooks on mirror magic and mirror mantics. The mirror magician wants to use a magic mirror to perform remote treatments, healings, persecution spells, defence spells, love spells and other magical practices. The mirror-magician wants to use the mirror to find hidden things, uncover crimes, detect difficult diseases, grasp physical processes in the cosmos, and more. The occult tools of the trade include not only the magic mirror, but also the glass sphere, rock crystal and other reflective objects. Even the water table is used by some in this way.

Historically, mirror or crystal vision can be traced back centuries. Even in the fairy tale with the mirror on the wall, this motif can be found. Mirror vision also has its place in mysticism. Jakob Böhme is said to have had his best thoughts while meditating with the cobbler’s ball. Psychologically, mirror gazing can be an aid to autosuggestion or autohypnosis and to triggering subconscious processes. This is an indication that this form of divination mainly involves subconscious forces. However, as these subconscious forces are largely beyond the control of the superconscious, they can also be the gateway to extra-human powers.

Not in vain does Paul say that we are not just dealing with flesh and blood, but with evil spirits under heaven (Eph. 6:12). (Source: „Between Christ and Satan“, Dr. Kurt E. Koch)