Homeopathy (Greek omoios equal, pathos suffering) was developed in 1790 by the physician Samuel Hahnemann. He followed the principle of healing „like with like“. This means treating diseases in low doses with remedies that cause the same diseases in higher doses.

  1. Principle: „like will be cured by like“.
  2. Principle: Dilution theory

Samuel Hahnemann believed that the smallest amount of medicine was enough. He labelled dilutions with the letter D (= diluere: to dissolve, to make a solution). A dilution of D 10 means 1 cubic centimeter to 10 billion cubic centimeters. Homeopaths know dilutions up to D 1000, occasionally even up to D 5000.

Physicists say that at a dilution of D23 there is not a single molecule of the original substance left in the mixture. Dilutions of D 1000 mean a potency with a thousand zeros. In simple mathematics, a quadrillion has 24 zeros, and a centillion has 600 zeros. Numbers with a thousand zeros only exist in astronomy or perhaps nuclear physics.

  1. Principle: Potentiation or Dynamisation

Both terms have the same meaning. Potentia and potestas means power in Latin. The Greek word dynamis means the same. The essence of homeopathy is the charging with cosmic power. The basic homeopathic substances are charged with forces from the universe by vibrations, shaking or rubbing. These are the actual healing factors. The cosmic forces are the general gateway for all magical processes. Homeopathy is thus at least related to magical healing methods.

Hahnemann was a younger contemporary of Mesmer. The basic attitude of both is the same. Mesmer explained that man could recharge himself with the power of the earth’s magnetic field. To do this, you should ensure that your bed is positioned in the exact north-south direction. This means that a person can be recharged with new energy during the night while they are asleep. But then it would have to be the magnetic north-south direction, not the geographical one. – Hahnemann, however, does not want to use the power of the Earth’s magnetic field, but the cosmic power of the stars

In both cases, these are medial processes that do not remain without consequences for the patients. (Source: Christian Counselling and Occultism, Dr. Kurt E. Koch)

Recommended reading: „Gesundheit um jeden Preis?“, Dr. med Samuel Pfeifer