Dr Kurt Koch writes in his book „Occult ABC“: In the swamp of millions of ghost stories, four special areas stand out.

  1. Haunting phenomena as hallucinations

Mentally ill people may experience illusions involving all five senses, i.e. visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory and gustatory hallucinations. These sensory illusions are particularly common in schizophrenics. Older people suffering from senile dementia are also often plagued by hallucinations which they believe to be real. The patients cannot be dissuaded from the idea that their experiences are facts. The schizophrenic forms are often accompanied by paranoia, delusions. Such people cannot be corrected in their views.

  1. The personal haunting

The son of a pastor came to me for pastoral care. His father was a teacher of religion at a secondary school and also had the so-called 6th/7th Book of Moses for teaching purposes. He carefully locked it away in his bookcase. The 12-year-old boy observed this and his curiosity was aroused because the father always carefully locked the book away. In his father’s absence, the boy obtained the key, approached the book, read it and copied formulas from it. He then tried out the formulas and was surprised to find that they actually worked. This was the beginning of disaster in the boy’s life. Often, when he sat in a locked room, the door would open and close and close again. Or he would see a chair slide across the floor of the room, pushed by invisible hands. His psychic life was also very disturbed and full of libidinal aberrations. The young man grew up, he married, but his hauntings continued to haunt him. When he went on holiday with his young wife, the same phenomena occurred at the holiday resort as at home. Eventually he became so distressed that he feared he would go mad and be committed to a mental hospital. He sought me out for pastoral counselling. I gave him the context and tried to show him the way to salvation through Christ. The young man was sincere. He confessed all his sins, renounced the power of witchcraft and gave his life to Christ. This brought an end to the haunting in his life.

This persecution had been caused by the reading of the 6th/7th Book of Moses and especially by the practical application of the magical formulas contained in this satanic book.

  1. The local haunting

There are old castles and old houses in Europe that have been haunted for centuries. Sometimes the hauntings become such a nuisance to the residents that the police have to close the house. Old castles in particular are said to be haunted by a so-called white beldam. Popular opinion sometimes associates these hauntings or revenants with crimes committed in the castles or dwellings in question.

A man of God who is very well known in Germany told me the following: Years ago he lived in a house where there was a terrible spectacle at night. It sounded as if all the crockery and glass were being smashed together. You could hear heavy footsteps, scratching on the walls, whistling as if there was a great storm, but there was no wind. The crash and noise was heard by everyone in the house. The same ghostly phenomenon was observed in the neighbouring house. These householders also heard the terrible spectacle at the midnight hour. The believing man, my reporter, then prayed with his whole family. They consciously placed themselves under the protection of the blood of Jesus. From that day on, there was complete silence in both houses.

So the cause of the hauntings was not resolved, but this man of God did the right thing, he claimed the victory of Jesus over these dark forces. This is a process that is not known or accepted in parapsychology. Dr. Alfred Lechler once said, „There is not only possession of people, there is also possession of houses, and it is much easier to cleanse and free a burdened, possessed house than a possessed man, for example“. Dr. Lechler was a well-known psychiatrist in Germany and at the same time a true Christian.

  1. Hauntings as remote effects of strong mediumistic magicians

We are now entering the most controversial area of hauntings. Let us start with an example that is absolutely certain:

One day I received a letter from the pastor of a town in northern Germany. He asked me to visit him for the following reason: a so-called haunted house had suddenly appeared in his parish. It was a pretty house with a beautiful garden. One day the owner had received a letter from a neighbour asking him to sell her this beautiful house. The owner refused. The neighbour then warned the owner that she would get what she wanted. Since then the house has been haunted. Four heavy thunderclaps were heard in the house. The owner could not explain the knocks, nor could she find out where they were coming from. She turned to her pastor. The minister visited the house with his vicar, and even in the presence of the two men, these strong knocks were heard, without them finding any cause in the house. So it was not a steam heater or a water pipe with air, but the knocks were heard at the doors. The pastor, who was unable to help, called the police. The first to arrive was a policeman, who in turn witnessed the events. Since he also found the whole thing mysterious, he reported it to his chief of police, who then sent a whole task force. There were more than ten policemen. The policemen stood by the door, one on the inside and one on the outside. After the terrible beating, they both pulled the door open. Each said to the other, „It was on your side“. So even these many policemen could not discover the cause of the blows.

The owner of the house was so tormented by these hauntings, day and night, that she had no choice but to sell the house to the highest bidder. And that was the neighbour who had threatened to come to the house. The moment this neighbour, who actually had very strong mediumistic powers, moved into the house, the beatings stopped immediately.

Of course, this section on remote control hauntings is not intended to send us into a persecution frenzy. My advice to anyone who has to deal with such things is to review their whole life and surrender to Christ and place themselves under His protection.