Falling backwards in the so-called baptism of the spirit (also called „slain in the spirit“).

There are countless extreme evangelists whose laying on of hands causes people to fall backwards and lose consciousness for a few seconds. Some also speak in foreign languages or otherwise with incomprehensible sounds. Through pastoral care and many testimonies, Dr Kurt Koch came to the conclusion that the so-called baptism in the Spirit is not an infilling with the Holy Spirit, but a capture by evil spirits, a baptism with spirits. He shows the mediumistic background..

An example taken from Wim Malgo’s publication Mitternachtsruf (1974/5): „A lady who belonged to the Roman Catholic charismatic movement prayed for a long time for the baptism of the Spirit. Nothing obvious happened. She did not speak in tongues. Finally she cried out to the Lord in desperation, ‚I have now been asking You so long, and You have not given me my request. If You do not give me the baptism of the Spirit, I will speak to Your mother about it.‘ At that very moment she began to speak in tongues.“ Wim Malgo adds: „Here again we cannot speak of a baptism of the Spirit, but rather of baptism with spirits.“

Dr Kurt Koch writes: „When the Bible speaks of people who want to repent or worship God, they fall on their faces (Exodus 9:24; 1 Kings 18:39). Falling backwards is also mentioned in the Bible, in Isaiah 28:13 when dealing with false priests and prophets, and in Jeremiah 7:24. In the Hebrew Bible this passage reads, „They went backward and not forward”. From the point of view of the history of religion, mediumistic falling backwards is religiously packaged spiritism. It is the satanic counterpart of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Such people become fanatical with extreme religious ideas. Spirit- baptisms are dangerous processes. The person is spiritually blocked, immunised against real events. To be freed from the consequences of such spirit baptisms is only possible through serious, deep repentance. The affected person, who has been taken over by the powers of darkness, must renounce these religious-medial processes. Those who have been set free must avoid such anti-biblical spirit baptism movements that attach the label of the Holy Spirit to religious mediumship.”

The following example was experienced by Dr Kurt Koch in San Diego, California. It involved a Greek immigrant who had been a Christian for only a year. Two tents of a Pentecostal tent mission were set up in her town. The Greek woman attended these meetings out of ignorance. After the meeting, the evangelist announced: „If you want to stay and receive the Holy Spirit, go to the smaller tent next door“. The Greek woman accepted this invitation. As she received the laying on of hands from the evangelist, she fell unconscious. After a short time she came to her senses and was filled with a terrible fear. Unintelligible sounds came from her lips. The people around her rejoiced, „You have received the baptism of the Spirit and have begun to speak in tongues“. But the Greek woman felt that this was not the Holy Spirit, for she had lost her peace and assurance of forgiveness in this incident. Some time later, Dr Kurt Koch came to San Diego where he gave several talks. The Greek woman came to him and told him about this terrible incident. She repented and they prayed a prayer of absolution together. The Lord had mercy on her. Her spiritual life was restored. The fact is that the Christian woman who had been knocked unconscious by a mediumistic Pentecostal preacher was filled with evil spirits. And that is called baptism in the Spirit! (Source: Occult ABC, Dr Kurt E. Koch)

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