Among the best known spiritist healers are Arigo of Brazil, Harry Edwards of England and Antonio of the Philippines. Each has his own method, but all draw their power from the same source.

Arigo is a kind of spiritist surgeon. He puts himself and his patient into a trance and then operates with a small sharpened kitchen knife. His most famous act was performing lung surgery on a politician, who announced it afterwards. Arigo, who has no medical training, performed the operation using an American system that was not practised in Brazil at the time due to a lack of instruments.

Harry Edwards is described as a spiritist healer. He says that he can only heal when his „angels“ are present. In England, Dr Kurt Koch repeatedly had pastoral care with people who had been burdened by Harry Edwards. Who these „angels“ are was revealed to him, among other things, in a pastoral conversation. Edwards sold his first house to a Christian couple. When the young couple moved in, they were horrified to discover that the house was a playground for evil spirits. They were so disturbed that they reluctantly sold the house at a loss. Harry Edwards was president of a spiritist healing organisation with 2000 healers.

Antonio from the Philippines is a specialist in dematerialisation. He makes diseases disappear from patients in a kind of semi or full trance. For example, he removes a gall bladder filled with stones by making hand movements over the patient’s abdominal wall without instruments, as if he were opening the abdominal wall and taking out the gall bladder. Sometimes, not always, his hands are bloody.

What all three have in common is the religious aura that surrounds them.

Arigo places himself under a picture of the Virgin Mary before an operation and prays an Our Father.

Harry Edwards is even considered a priest by the uninitiated.

Antonio claims he fasts and prays. This is the only way he can perform the operations. A doctor in Zurich, who is believed to be a believer, says that Arigo heals like the apostles of the early church. A German pastor from Munich made the same claim. This is a terrible confusion of minds and a confusion of ideas. There is a lack of discernment of spirits among so-called Christians. Misleading on the same level is something like the following sentence: „All healing is of God“. Oral Roberts said this in a magazine and Kathryn Kuhlman wrote it in her book „I Believe in Miracles“. If they had said, „all true healing is of God“, then that statement could stand.

The apostle Paul warns the Corinthians about false apostles and deceitful workers who masquerade as apostles of Christ.

„And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. (2 Corinthians 11:14).