1. Falling backwards is also called „slain in the spirit“.
  2. Rabi Maharaj (author of the book „Death of a Guru“) on „Slain in the Spirit“.

1. Falling backwards refers to the process during the so-called baptism in the Spirit. There are countless extreme evangelists whose laying on of hands causes people to fall backwards and lose consciousness for a few seconds. Some also speak in foreign languages or otherwise with incomprehensible sounds. Through pastoral care and many testimonies, Dr. Kurt E Koch came to the conclusion that the so-called baptism in the Spirit is not an infilling with the Holy Spirit, but a capture by evil spirits. He shows the mediumistic background. From the point of view of the history of religion, mediumistic falling backwards is religiously packaged spiritism. It is the satanic counterpart of being filled with the Holy Spirit.

Dr. Kurt E Koch writes: „When the Bible speaks of people who want to repent or worship God, they fall on their faces (Exodus 9:24; 1 Kings 18:39). Falling backwards is also mentioned in the Bible, in Isaiah 28:13 when dealing with false priests and prophets, and in Jeremiah 7:24. In the Hebrew Bible this passage reads, „They went backward and not forward. Another fundamental difference between Spirit-led repentance and so-called „Spirit baptism“ is passivity and activity. The devil makes man unconscious, senseless, so that he can move in. The Holy Spirit leads man in repentance to the highest activity and alertness. The sins stand before such people in such a terrible way that they fall on their faces and weep.

All genuine revivals have shown this difference. In the Welsh revival of 1905-1908, recognition of sin and repentance prevailed at first, until the intermediate bearers from the Azusa revival in Los Angeles (1906) came and demanded „tongues and baptism in the Spirit“, thus bringing the revival to a quick end. Another way in which we can recognise unbiblical talk of the Holy Spirit is the shift of emphasis from the second to the third article of faith. This was once made frighteningly clear to me in a sermon by Hugendyk (Father) from Holland, who was speaking at the Batu Bible School in East Java. He said something like this: We no longer need to talk about repentance, conversion, the cross, the forgiveness of sins and the blood of Jesus, but only about the Holy Spirit. The Bible students were confused. They prayed for a few days and then told this Dutch extremist: ‚You are a false prophet, leave our country. It was a salutary lesson.

The second Article of Faith remains the centre of our creed. Jesus‘ task is not to glorify the Holy Spirit, but it is the destiny of the Holy Spirit to transfigure Jesus. In John 16:14 the Lord said, „The Spirit of truth will make me glorious. Almost all heresies have arisen from shifts in the weight of individual words in the Bible. A little leaven leavens the whole dough. A little false doctrine destroys the whole Bible truth“. (Source: Occult ABC, chapter on Spirit Baptism)

2. Rabi Maharaj (author of the book „Death of a Guru“) on „Slain in the Spirit“.

Dr Kurt Koch writes in the book „Between Christ or Satan“: Rabi Maharaj is a gospel preacher living in Switzerland. In 1983 I met him and we had the opportunity to share our experiences on the baptism of the Spirit. I asked Rabi, as his friends call him, if he associated the Shakti Pat* with the process of being „slain in the Spirit“. He replied in the affirmative that he had never thought of falling backwards as an effect of the Holy Spirit.

*Shakti pat, the light stroke (or touch), is an expression for the process by which a guru touches the forehead of a devotee with his hand. This produces supernatural effects. Shakti (a Sanskrit word) means power. When a guru performs this shakti pat, he becomes a channel for the primordial power. The cosmic power that forms the primordial basis of the universe is embodied in the goddess Kali, the consort of the Hindu god Shiva. The supernatural power of Shakti can throw the worshiper to the ground at the touch of the guru. The worshiper may also see a bright light or experience inner enlightenment and vision during the guru’s laying on of hands, and sometimes have other mystical or psychic experiences. The power that comes from the Shakti pat comes from the deity Shiwa. Shiva is one of the major Hindu gods. He represents the principle of destruction.

According to the Bible, the gods or idols are intertwined with the demon world.

Deuteronomy 32:17 They sacrificed to demons that were no gods, to gods they had never known, to new gods that had come recently, whom your fathers had never dreaded.

Psalm 106:36,37: And served their idols, which became a snare to them. They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to the demons

1.Corinthians 10:19: What do I imply then? That food offered to idols is anything, or that an idol is anything? No, I imply that what pagans sacrifice they offer to demons and not to God.

An example:

A young man in South Africa attended a Pentecostal service. He was not a believer. He sat in the back pew. At the end of the service, an elder of the church approached him and asked if he would like to be baptised in the Holy Spirit. He agreed and went to the front. He watched as strong men fainted. When it was his turn, one of the elders pushed him so hard that he fell. When he saw that others remained lying down, he did the same because he realised that it pleased the leaders. For this reason he also declared that he had received the baptism of the Spirit. Then he was asked to give his testimony. In the time that followed, he was often called to preach, even though he was still deep in a life of sin and had not experienced conversion. For a long time this young man could not bear this dichotomy. He felt like a hypocrite and an actor. Someone told him about another church. He went and listened to the sermon and recognised himself as a lost sinner. He repented and gave his life to Jesus. He renounced his former extremism and the dubious „baptism in the Spirit“ in the name of Jesus and in the presence of a witness.