Extract from the book „Weichenstellung“, Dr Kurt E. Koch:

The field of neuroses is closely related to the field of depression. This becomes clear, for example, in the equation depressive neurosis equals neurotic depression. We find similar symptoms in neuroses as in the various forms of depression. In the definition of the term, a distinction is made between the term commonly used by Professor Freud as a disease of the nervous system. Since Freud, neuroses have been regarded as psychologically caused disorders of the human mind.

One can get an idea of the flood of neuroses by consulting the psychiatric dictionary of Prof. Dr. Peters, which lists 25 different forms. As I have already admitted, I am not competent to write authentically about the depth psychological aspects of neuroses. However, there are clear overlaps with biblical facts that concern me in pastoral care not just a little, but a lot. What I have encountered most in the field of neuroses in pastoral care are the forms of compulsive thinking, compulsive behaviour and compulsive urges, grouped together as compulsive neurosis.

The first commandment is also evident in neuroses: „…punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me…“ (Exodus 20:5) Many neurotics carry the guilt of their parents and grandparents. That is why there are people who say, „God is unjust if the descendants have to pay for what their ancestors did“. But the first commandment should be read further: „…but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments.“ In purely mathematical terms, this means that God’s grace and mercy exceed His judgement by a factor of 250. Of course, God’s offer of mercy is not a mathematical exercise.

Occult practices are a breeding ground for neurosis. This does not mean that the „philosopher’s stone“ has been found. Again, I’m not talking about causality, just a breeding ground. Such patients should be cared for in collaboration with medical therapists and biblically based counsellors. Psychiatry and psychology can use technical methods of treatment. Doctors and psychologists cannot understand the core problem of occult stress because it is beyond the scope of scientific work. The spiritual mission of the biblical counsellor is to show such afflicted people the way to Jesus and thus the way to deliverance.