Where do the clairvoyant abilities come from?

Clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience belong to the mediumistic powers and abilities. If you look at the careers of clairvoyants, you will always see the mediumistic, occult nature of their activity.

Delbert Larkin ran a psychic research station in Joliet, USA. He discovered clairvoyance at the age of 15, when he foresaw the death of a school friend. When asked where his ability came from, Larkin gave three answers:

* Inheritance from his ancestors. (His mother, siblings and grandmother were mediums).

* A gift from God to help people.

* Guidance from 205 spirits who reveal everything to him.

These responses clarify the situation. Larkin’s psychic abilities were not a gift from God. Larkin was a religious spiritist. People who sought his advice came under an evil influence.

Three types of of clairvoyance can be distinguished, if we consider the time reference: retrospective clairvoyance, telesthesia, and precognition. These terms are used, respectively, for extrasensory perception of the past, knowledge of hidden things in the present, and prediction of future events.

Retrocopy = the supernatural vision of the past or retrospection.

Telesthesia =extrasensory perception of distant objects, events, etc.

Precognition = prediction of future events

Example of a retrocopy:

Erich v. Däniken mentions in his book „Apparitions“ the American Ruth Simmons. She was under hypnosis and was asked about her birth in retrospect. She stated that she had previously lived under the name Bridey Murphy. Her biographical details were checked and, according to von Däniken, were correct. Dr. Kurt E. Koch rejected such experiments. According to the scriptures, we have only one life. Those who engage in such experiments become victims of deceiving spirits.

Example of retrocopy:

A lorry driver ran over a boy. He told the police that the boy was already lying on the road. But the driver could not prove this. The driver’s relatives then called the famous Dutch clairvoyant Croiset. He meditated on the accident, or went into a semi-trance, and explained: „I see a green Volkswagen. I can only make out two letters of the number“. This statement was enough for the police to locate the Volkswagen in question. After a lengthy interrogation, the driver admitted to running over the boy. The lorry driver was acquitted. That is one side of the story. The other is the psychological impact on the people who come to Croiset for help. In his pastoral care, Dr Kurt E. Koch has had to deal with many of Croiset’s victims.

Example of precognition (prediction of future events):

A woman told Dr Kurt Koch the following. When she was a girl, she had a relationship with a professor. To find out about the future, she went to a fortune teller. He said: „Don’t marry this man. He will be buried. One day you’ll have a beautiful child. The girl replied: „I don’t think I will have a child.“ The seer replied: „It won’t be your own child.“ After the consultation, the girl realised that there would have to be a war if her friend was to be buried. Two years later, the Second World War began. The professor was indeed buried in an air raid. She also got the child. Members of the American occupation forces gave her a lovely child to look after.

Precognition, the prediction of future events, poses serious problems. Detailed information on this subject can be found in the book „Christian Counselling and Occultism“.

There are also innumerable clairvoyant phenomena with a religious tendency that have arisen on an occult or eidetic basis. For every genuine Christian vision, there are perhaps more than 50 occult or eidetic visions. It is a fact of pastoral experience that the present, with its numerous visions of Mary, Christ and the saints, is not a pneumatic event, but an occult, if not demonic event.

Clairvoyance is an area in which the biblical and the demonic are constantly confused. Biblical prophecy has a divine character, clairvoyance has occult roots.