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  • Consequences of Being Spoken Over
  • Mrs. Morishita destroys her ancestral altar
  • „Your God is stronger than my God“ (The Lama and the Missionary)
  • The Pastor and Astral Projection
  • The Swiss Evangelist and the Midnight Threat
  • The Bible Student and his Suicide Attempts
  • Yoga – is it just harmless exercise?

A Search for Truth – Is Salvation found through Meditation?

The Swede Kjell Wallgren travelled as far as the Himalayas in his search for truth. There, a Buddhist monk, a master in his field, introduced him to the art of meditation. The Swede soon achieved such a degree of self-mastery through his training that he could separate his soul from his body and let it roam free. His meditation had thus ended in spiritism. – In his excursions of the soul, he roamed the invisible world, encountering souls who, like him, had entered this realm through meditation. Their search for salvation through meditation had brought them into contact with the forsaken spirit world. In this hopelessness, the Swede suddenly felt a power that he later identified as the power of Jesus. This power drew him back to his body.

Frightened, the man broke off his meditation and tried to return to Sweden. As he no longer had any funds, he only succeeded in reaching home again with difficulty. Completely disillusioned with Buddhism, he now found himself ready to listen to the Gospel. He attended an evangelistic campaign of an African Christian who was working in Sweden. Under his preaching, he learned the main message against all meditation, John 14:6: „I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.“

There is only one way to the Father, only one way to heaven, and only one way to salvation – Jesus Christ. The disillusioned wanderer in Asia took this truth into his life, and his life was forever changed.“

(From: Occult ABC)

Deliverance from Baptism of the Spirit

Pastor Maritz, a Reformed pastor from Namibia, was invited to a Pentecostal church. There he received the laying on of hands and gained the ability to speak in „tongues“. Inwardly he had no peace and no certainty of salvation. He hoped a second laying on of hands by a well-known Pentecostal preacher would solve this. During that laying on of hands, he fell backwards to the ground and was unconscious for a short time. What pastor Maritz got from this was a mediumistic power, as he sees it today. When he prayed with people from then on, they also fell backwards on the floor. He was of the opinion that this was an effect of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Maritz: „It wasn’t the Holy Spirit, but rather the devil making fools of us. It was only psychological responses in which evil spirits were at work. The devil himself was at work, we realised this too late. Satan likes to come and stage imitations. We talked about the abundance of the Holy Spirit, danced with popular music in the services, clapped our hands, prayed and preached with excessive strength. But after such tumults, everything was the same. The sinner’s lifestyle was left unchanged.“

Pastor Maritz came into contact with a man of God who showed him the way to Jesus. He went for counselling, repented, confessed and accepted Jesus as his Saviour.

Sinister Baptism In The Spirit

A young man in South Africa attended a Pentecostal church service. He was not a believer, he sat in the back pew. At the end of the service, an elder of the church approached him and asked if he wanted to be baptised with the Holy Spirit. He agreed and went to the front. He watched as strong men who received the spirit fainted. When it was his turn, he received a hard push from an elder that he fell. Seeing that others remained lying down, he acted the same way because he realised that he was pleasing the leaders. For this reason he also told the crowd that he had received the baptism of the Spirit. After that, he was asked to give his testimony.

In the time that followed, he was often called upon to preach, even though he was still deep in a life of sin and had not experienced conversion. For a long time, this young man could not bear this contradiction. He felt himself to be a hypocrite and an actor. Someone eventually pointed him to another church. Under the preaching, he recognised himself as a lost sinner. He repented and gave his life to Jesus. He renounced the previous extremism and the dubious „baptism in the Spirit“ in the name of Jesus and in the presence of a witness.

My Journey To Jesus Christ – Testimony of an Alternative Medicine Practitioner

“Some years ago I lived in a large city in southern Germany and had a well-established practice as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. Originally I had been a masseur. I had to give up this profession because I developed a spinal condition and a deformed left side of the chest. On top of that, my one leg was too short. The retraining to become an Alternative Medicine Practitioner was an exciting one because I had the desire to help people. Providing incredible cures with the help of various natural healing methods strengthened my belief that I was on the right path.

God’s guidance could be seen in my life with the fact that I had a believing wife who had been saved at a young age during an evangelistic campaign. As she was also training as a healer, and helped me in my practice. She prayed intensely for me because it was her desire that I would want to walk the same path of following Jesus with her.

God’s hour came when a believing couple invited us to dinner one evening. He was the pastor of a Free Church denomination. They told us how they had found the way to Christ. They also showed me the way of salvation. That evening, God touched my heart. I recognised and confessed my sins, asked for forgiveness and accepted Jesus as my Lord. Peace, joy, hope and assurance of salvation entered my life. Immediately there was a blessed renewal in our marriage. We read the Bible together and prayed together. According to God’s Word, I was baptised out of the faith I had been given.

About three weeks after my conversion, I experienced a miraculous act of divine help, a sudden healing. In one night, God delivered me from my long standing spinal ailment, the left side of my chest no longer protruded and both my legs were the same length. After this healing, God intervened in my life even more clearly. Through the ministry of the couple who were friends, my wife and I realised that homoeopathy, acupuncture and especially divination belonged in the devil’s realm. For me it was a terrible shock, because I practised all these things and also tried them on myself with good success. At first I doubted the advice I had received, so my wife and I began to test these statements against the Word of God. God then gave God then helped us through the book „The Revelation of John, Explained through the Scriptures“ by Carla Lindross. We realised through the book – which became a great blessing to us – that there are two kingdoms: the Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Satan. We understood that the Kingdom of God is a beautiful union and has nothing to do with the Kingdom of Satan. It also became clear to us that Satan deceives people through the occult healing methods mentioned. He gives remedies that have nothing to do with the biblical healings and demands a terrible price for it: the salvation of the soul. Those who do not know the background of these satanic remedies think that it is completely good.

With these realisations, we were at a crossroads. My whole existence depended on occult practices. Was I to abandon and destroy it all? The inner conflict was so strong that I felt physical pain over it. But the Lord Jesus gave the victory. I removed all occult working material from the practice: the acupuncture needles and acupuncture books, the electro-acupuncture devices, all homoeopathic aids such as books and medicines and the pendulum. But this was the beginning of a terrible attack by Satan, who wanted to prevent our decision. We experienced massive opposition from the forces of darkness, to the point of strange hauntings. In the kitchen, the loaf of bread in the food cupboard jumped from side to side. At night we heard howling voices in our room. There was loud banging on the windows as if with stones or fists. Doors opened or slammed shut without a breeze causing it. Once I clearly heard my name being called. I answered because I thought it was my wife but there was no one in the house at the time except me.

Other difficulties also increased. Our own relatives thought we were cranks who were recklessly risking their livelihood. In addition, our practice declined sharply because we no longer used occult methods. Even after our relocation to Fulda, this distressing situation did not change. Only very few patients came.

In this time of most severe affliction, we prayed much, even fasting, and asked the Lord to show us if there was anything left between Him and us. Then we received new light and instruction. After we had already destroyed all the aids for homoeopathy, acupuncture and the pendulum, as mentioned, we still held on to some diagnostic and therapeutic systems, which we now had to clear out. These were: iris diagnosis, Chinese pulse diagnosis, moxa and nosode treatment, spagyric, and others.

We repented of all occult treatments and received forgiveness in faith through Jesus Christ. After that, deep peace returned to our hearts. My wife’s fears of persecution and the disturbing hauntings in the house began to fade away more and more.

After I was able to discard all occult healing methods, I had no more possibility of continuing to practise as an Alternative Medicine Practitioner. You only realise what is behind these methods of treatment when you want to free yourself from them. I would not have become free of them on my own.” But it is true: „Whom the Son of God makes free, he is free indeed.“

(from: Occult ABC)

Playing with Satan – Ouija Boards and their answers

In the Okanagan Valley in Canada, about 70 pastors were touched by the Saskatoon Revival. One of the blessings of the revival was that from Penticton to Vernon, warnings were given from the pulpits about the sins of sorcery. One Mennonite pastor warned his children too. His eleven-year-old son went into a room at school one day where some children were playing silly games with an Ouija board.

The pastor’s child overheard the following question: „Who is behind your power?“ „Hitler,“ replied the Ouija board. The students laughed and said, „Stop trying to pull the wool over our eyes. Tell us the truth.“ The board then spelled out, „Lucifer.“ The young lads did not know his name. (What sort of religious instruction had they been given?) They asked again: „Who is Lucifer?“ Then came the clear reply, „Satan.“ Now the eleven-year-old son of the Mennonite preacher stepped forward and called out, „If your power comes from the devil, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to stop.“ And that is what happened. The Ouija board gave no more answers.

(from: Occult ABC)

Mental disorders from playing „party games“

A young woman came for counselling and complained of various mental disorders. She suffered from weariness and melancholy and was often seized with a terrible temper. Her marriage was disturbed by her frigidity. Objective hauntings were observed in her house. At first, the husband noticed strange figures. However, he did not tell his wife about them so as not to frighten her unnecessarily. Finally, she herself observed mutilated figures in her home at night. I first ascertained the previous illnesses of the woman during the counselling. Then I also had her tell me about the illnesses of her blood relatives and ancestors. However, the confessant was quite alone with her disorders.

When I asked her about occult activities, after a long deliberation I found out that the woman had been a member of an evangelical girls‘ circle when she was young. The pastor’s wife, as the leader of this circle, used to do table-turning with all the girls. The table-turning always began with the question, „Spirit, are you there?“ A single knock meant „yes“, a double knock meant „no“. If the spirit was ready to give information, then a question and answer game began, in which the whole circle of girls and also the woman took part. The priest’s wife practised table-turning for years until a stroke paralysed her. The woman reported that the girls in the circle were afraid to visit the pastor’s wife because her face was contorted into a terrible grimace due to the paralysis.

(From: „Christ or Satan“, Dr. Kurt Koch)

Deliverance from the clutches of Satan

From his youth, Jochen was a hoodlum (or hothead, thug) and a drunkard. He was sober only a few days of the year. Despite his alcoholic bond, he was physically healthy and full of strength. He wanted nothing to do with God and the Bible. For him, the Christian faith was just as much nonsense as the idea that there was a devil. Swearing, blasphemy, and a violent temper had become second nature to him.

Once a man in the pub told of black magic and the possibility of connecting with the underworld, many disturbing things were spoken of. Some of the young men laughed about it and dismissed it as silly superstitions. Jochen, however, declared that he was willing to take on the devil and would deal with him. His friends then made a bet with him. Jochen was to face the devil at a crossroads at 12 o’clock on a Friday night, draw a tight circle around himself with chalk and invoke Lucifer three times with a certain formula. He had been told the invocation beforehand. Jochen did everything as instructed, but nothing happened. Triumphantly, he pocketed the money from the bet he had won.

However, the celebration was too early. When Jochen went to bed the next evening, he suddenly saw a ghastly grimace on the opposite wall of the bed, slowly approaching him. He lay paralysed, unable to move or call out. The grimace approached him to within 20 centimetres and then backed away. An uncontrollable fear came over Jochen. Now he could scream. Relatives heard the murderous cries, and rushed to the bedroom but could not enter it, an invisible force was preventing them.

This process repeated itself often, but only when Jochen was sober. So it was not the result of excessive alcohol consumption. The occupants of the house confirmed each time that they were blocked from entering through the door. Jochen finally went to the doctor, reported these experiences and asked whether they were consequences of alcohol consumption. After a thorough examination, the doctor denied it.

Jochen then also told about the nocturnal devil’s call. The doctor then became thoughtful. For him as a Christian, this was not a case of nonsense or hallucination, but he took it seriously and said: „If you have done something like this, then it is time for you to come to Christ, otherwise you will indeed be taken by the devil. For you it now means radical repentance if you do not want to perish.“

Jochen heeded the advice and began to seek Christ in earnest. He had such a shock from the apparitions of the devil’s face that he could not rest day and night. On his knees he cried out to God for deliverance from alcohol, from fornication, from violent temper, for deliverance from the clutches of Satan.

Christ took care of him and he experienced complete deliverance. From that moment on, the apparitions of the devil’s face were absent. For Jochen, this was a confirmation that the apparitions had been the consequences of the devil’s nightly invocation. Sin had led him to the edge of hell. But the power of Jesus Christ snatched him from Satan’s sphere of power.

The Consequences of Being Spoken Over

Angelica (name changed) was magically possessed as a three-year-old child. As far back as she can recall, she has had depression, suicidal thoughts, self-tormenting challenges and many accidents. In a single year alone she had three concussions. Her brother, who had also been spoken over, shows the same mental disturbances. He is feral, has suicidal thoughts, and finally developed an obsessive-compulsive disorder with the idea that he must kill children in the name of God. – Of course, not all obsessive-compulsive disorders have an occult background. But in about half of the obsessive-compulsive neurotics I could observe an occult past. (From: Occult ABC)


An epileptic girl faithfully went to the Christian youth circle. Then her mother, out of ignorance, had her daughter spoken over and was given an amulet. The epilepsy disappeared but after the visitation, the girl no longer wished to sit under the Word of God. The pastor noticed this, of course. He visited the family concerned and asked the reason for the absence. The matter came to light. After clarification, the healed girl gave out an amulet which, to their horror, contained a devil’s inscription. Both the mother and the daughter repented of this. Both came back under the Word of God. They could read the Bible and pray again. However, the epilepsy reappeared.

It was a good sign that the illnesses came back when the spell was broken. It meant that the girl had been completely released.


A 42-year-old woman came and confessed that when she was young her warts had been spoken over in the following way: Her mother sprinkled salt on the warts, said a saying from the 6th and 7th books of Moses, and along with it the three highest names. Then the salt was thrown into the fire. The warts disappeared. From this time on, however, sexual debauchery set in, as well as lying and stealing, and when she wanted to convert, she could not. In pastoral care, she confessed all the guilt of her life and renounced her mother’s sorcery in the name of Jesus. I then applied Matthew 18:18 and in the name of Jesus commanded the powers to depart from this woman and absolved her from her bondages. Through God’s help and God’s action, this woman was helped.

The pastor never has this authority from himself, he is only a He is only a representative and an agent of the exalted Lord.

(From: Occult ABC)

Mrs Morishita destroys her ancestral altar

Let us listen to an account that shows us how Jesus is powerful enough to break free from the bonds of millennia of tradition. It is the story of a Bible Teacher named Morishita. I owe this account to a missionary.

After the death of her husband, Mrs. Morishita lived with her only daughter Fumiko in a tiny flat. The young girl had been invited to the Christian service by an acquaintance and had accepted this invitation. She opened herself to this foreign message because it brought to her restless heart what she had unconsciously been searching for. But this great transformation did not occur without great difficulty. She had to ask herself: „How will my mother react if I become a Christian? What kind of arguments will there be if I no longer make sacrifices to my deceased father? Won’t she throw me out of the house? What will become of me?“

These are the questions and hardships that every Japanese person has to go through if they want to turn to Christ. The missionary prayed a lot for Fumiko and for her full surrender to Jesus. Her plea was answered. The young Japanese woman desired baptismal instruction and baptism. Her decision was genuine. She explained to her mother that she would now follow Jesus and no longer participate in ancestor worship. The mother was horrified, but did not have the courage to part with her daughter. She felt so lonely after the death of her husband so she bore her daughter’s perceived contempt for the deceased with a heavy heart.

The daughter then went one step further. She invited her mother to the Christian services. The mother came to the service once and felt that she was being spoken to but she continued to cultivate her ancestor worship. Gradually, the mother became a faithful member of the missionary’s Bible Group.She continued her practice of ancestor worship. What 50 years of traditon have implanted in a human heart is not torn out of it in an hour. The daughter and several of her new friends prayed faithfully for her mother. Then the Lord put His blessing on this faithfulness.

One day, Mrs. Morishita stayed behind after the service and had a talk with the missionary. She dared to take the step and surrendered her life to the Lord Jesus. There was great joy among all those who had prayed for her. There was one last hurdle to overcome. The missionary had not demanded of the confessor that she should part with her ancestral altar. The woman herself should feel the inner compulsion in her conscience to draw clear lines of separation here. It took only a few more weeks for what the missionary had expected and asked of the Lord to happen. Mrs. Morishita hurried home after a service and threw the ancestral altar into the river. At once her heart was released from a heavy load. All shackles were broken. All burdens were gone. It seemed to Mrs Morishita as if the sun shone brighter, as if the birds sang more joyfully. She felt that her surroundings, her own home, were new. She felt herself to be a new creature. She had never known before that the heart could be so happy and light.

When her daughter came home, she immediately felt the new atmosphere. One look at the ancestral altar: it was gone! The girl breathed a sigh of relief and exclaimed to her mother, „I must hurry to the mission!“ The mother thought, „Surely there is no service tonight, why is she rushing off?“ When Fumiko returned, she asked, „Where have you been now?“ The daughter said, „I couldn’t keep this joy to myself that you threw away the ancestral altar. I had to tell the missionary.“

Mrs Morishita was so zealous in following Jesus that despite her age – she was 51 – she still enrolled in a Bible school. She was accepted and became a blessed Bible Teacher and witness of Jesus.

(From: „In the Himalayas“, Dr.Kurt Koch)

„Your God is stronger than my God“ – The Lama and the Missionary

On my way from the South Pacific to the USA, I first flew back over Australia because I wanted to visit Hong Kong, Japan and Korea, where I was also invited to give lectures. On my way back, I told the story of Missionary Griebenauer. I met him at the Chungchau Bible School, which is situated on a hill right on the Red China border. Griebenauer had been a missionary in Tibet for 25 years. As a young man, he learned the Tibetan language from a Tibetan lama. When the teacher found out that his student was a missionary, he tried to attack the young man with his Tibetan magic, but he did not succeed. One day the Lama said to Griebenauer, „Now I know what Christianity is. Your God is stronger than my God.“ Griebenauer inquired about the reason for this realisation. The lama explained to him, „When I learned that you were a Christian, I tried to make you sick through magic. But it didn’t work. Then I tried to send you the fire devil, but he did not obey. Finally, I used the strongest death magic against you. Another failure! You have a wall around you. I cannot get through it.“ Griebenauer retorted, „If you have already noticed that my god is stronger, why don’t you accept it?“ – „I can’t. The demons would kill me immediately.“

There is a wonderful message in this experience of the missionary: „When we belong to Jesus, there is a wall of protection around us.“ Here is also the fulfilment of Zechariah 2:5: „And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will be its glory within“

The Priest and His Astral Projections

In London I had a lecture at All Saints Hall. There were many Anglican priests present. After the talk we had a discussion: An Anglican priest explained that he had the ability to detach his soul from the body and send it away to explore hidden things. This state of separation would come about without his will. He said it would be the same as the Apostle Paul who said in 2 Cor. 12:3: „whether in the body or apart from the body I do not know.“ The priest went on to say that he could only stop this process if he imagined the cross of Jesus Christ. He considered this ability to be a gift from God. He would also have the gift of second sight. I drew the priest’s attention to the fact that I had observed the excursion of the soul in spiritist families. Usually parents or grandparents had been spiritists when such abilities appeared in grandchildren. The priest denied this. Suddenly I got an ally. A man I didn’t know stood up in the last row. He said, „I had the same ability, but I was freed through Christ. Just call on Jesus Christ, because whoever calls on the name of the Lord Jesus will be saved.“ A day or two later I got a call from this Anglican priest asking if I had time for him. I replied to him, „I don’t have time for a discussion, but I do have time for a pastoral discussion.“ He replied, „That is exactly what I need.“ With his permission, I published the counselling conversation without naming names. He confessed that he had indeed had dealings with spiritists. He absolved himself, accepted Jesus and then invited me to speak at his church. His church was overflowing.

The Swiss Evangelist and the Midnight Threat

The evangelist O. H. evangelised in the Swiss Jura. The valley where he worked is known for its magic. After the first meeting, a dark figure suddenly appeared to him in his room at night, even though the door was locked. The dark figure told him, „I am the master of the valley, get out or I will kill you.“ The next morning, the evangelist called a number of friends, told them about the night’s experience and asked for their intercession. He did not leave the valley.

After the second meeting, he again was visited by this apparition, who told him, „I’ll give you another 24 hours. If you’re not gone by then, you’re a dead man.“ The evangelist was paralysed. He could not even move his lips to pray. He could only exclaim constantly within his heart: “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.“ The next morning he called even more prayers than before. After the third meeting, the black figure no longer appeared. Everything remained quiet. The evangelistic campaign turned out to be very beneficial, quite a number of people came to faith in Christ and many of them were set free from their occult ties

(From: Occult ABC)

The Bible Student and his Suicide Attempts

During a lecture tour through England and Scotland, a Bible student came to me in Glasgow for pastoral care. This young man was constantly plagued by suicidal thoughts and had attempted suicide several times. He did not know the cause of these attempts. Finally, his 90-year-old grandmother confessed that sorcery, especially spiritism, had been practised in the family for several generations. The young man confessed his sins and renounced ancestral sorcery in my presence. I could tell how sincere and serious he was. I had the inner freedom to release him in the name of Jesus. The absolving is based on Matthew 18:18. The boy had reached the end of his strength. He was now allowed to start anew with Jesus in his discipleship.

(From: Occult ABC)

Yoga – is it just harmless exercise?

In Johannesburg, South Africa, a theology student was in my pastoral care. He was a young man who had experienced a conversion to Jesus some years before. Based on a church recommendation, he enrolled in a yoga course. After a few months, he himself felt a change in his faith life. His desire to read the Bible disappeared. He also became prayer weary. I strongly advised him to immediately stop his yoga practice and completely renounce it.


A theology student was practising the second stage of yoga. He was able to increase or decrease his blood circulation. Being in a mood for fun, he entertained his fellow students with his abilities. He could make one earlobe red and the other pale. He was able to conjure up red patches on his skin.


A young woman from California had also been a master of the second level of yoga. In her yoga exercises she had even chosen Jesus as her guru – not Jesus as her Saviour and Redeemer, but only as a role model, as a great master. During her yoga exercises she developed occult abilities. It became frightening for her and she tried to free herself. It was then that she realised what a burden yoga was. She began to seek Christ, some friends prayed for her. With terrible struggles, she finally got loose. She eventually wrote a report under the heading „From Yoga to Christ“.

(From: Occult ABC)

A few thousand confessional conversations showed me in a shocking way how much modern man clings to old customs and magical practices despite the high level of scientific knowledge. If these magical processes were only harmless superstitions, there would be no urgent need for clarification. Thus, however, many people perish psychologically from magic.

Dr. Kurt E. Koch