The occult and its powers

The invisible world – the supernatural – exerts an uncanny attraction. Supernatural experiences fascinate, magical powers excite. Eastern mysticism, clairvoyance, spiritual healing, channeling and psychic techniques are „in“. Almost every day we are confronted with occult or esoteric ideas.

But beware: occult activity has unexpected effects!

On our website you will get clarity about occult and esoteric practices, the consequences of occultism and how you can experience liberation through Jesus Christ.

The aim of this website:

To educate about occult practices

To warn of the consequences

To provide a way of finding liberation from occult bondage and burdens.

Guide to deliverance through Jesus Christ

Assistance for the occultly burdened


Theologian and pastor Dr. Kurt E. Koch: „Nobody uses occult powers with impunity.“ In his more than 50 years of work, about 20,000 people turned to him in their distress, more than half of these pastoral cases had occult connections. Through these pronouncements, his knowledge of occult practices and their effects expanded. He published his experience as well as several hundred case histories in his books „Pastoral Care and Occultism,“ „Occult ABC,“ „Christ or Satan,“ and „Healing and Deliverance.“ His main concern was to expose occult or esoteric currents, to warn against them and to point to the liberation through Jesus Christ.